Saturday, January 1, 2011

Menu plan for January Week one

Sunday- Rolled Tacos
Monday- Black bean and sausage soup, corn muffins. 
Tuesday- Chicken gyros with tziki sauce and fries.
Wednesday-Easy peasy quiche with fruit
Thursday- Work, the boys go to Paul's moms.  And I'm grateful!!
Friday- Peanut chicken and noodles
Saturday- Pizza balls and dessert for regifting party
Sunday- hamburger gravy and mashed potatos

And because I can, I'm going to add my shopping list.  I have a decent pantry, stocked with lots of beef (We purchase a quarter cow in the spring.), chicken and staples.  The rest I'll pick up this week.

Black beans
Green pepper
Catilina dressing
Mozzerella cheese

Also, I'll need an assortment of fruit, veggies and yogurt.
Plus some staples like milk and bread.


  1. The rolled tacos sounds like they could be interesting. :)

  2. I have Friday and Saturday switched up there, OOPS!

    And Julie, they are really good. But not so good for you. They are the only thing I fry.

  3. I ABSOLUTELY ADORE Tzatziki SAUCE! We eat it on our Spiedies. Hey, if you ever want me to send you some Spiedie Sauce, Steph, let me know. You guys would LOVE it.

    Be sure to tell us about your "Pizza Balls" as I want to compare!

  4. can't wait to see the recipes! I've never heart of that sauce before. . . .