Saturday, January 29, 2011

A little of this, a little of that... seafood bisque

If you looked at the favorites on my computer you would see a list of saved blogs and recipes a mile long.  I love reading recipes.  I love taking one and adding something from another one.  You never know what you're missing otherwise.  Tonight was one of those nights.  I got a recipe for seafood bisque from a friend.  I thought we'd try it tonight.  It looked pretty simple, so I thought I'd jazz it up a bit.  I started adding some veggies, some other seasonings, but it was missing something.  Then I remembered that there was a recipe I had read for seafood chowder that added worchestershire.  So I opened my cupboard and wouldn't you know I was out.  Completely. 


I have steak sauce.  But that would just be weird.

I went downstairs, hoping that there might be some worchestershire in the pantry.    Nope.

But I have steak sauce.  Could I add that?  Would it work?  The flavors are similiar, but really?

So I put some of the almost done soup in a mug, and added just a drop. 

And that was EXACTLY what my soup was missing.  Love it when it works out like that!  It didn't take much, but it just gave it a lovely depth.  Anyway. 

Here's the recipe. 

1/2 c onion, chopped
1/2 c green pepper,chopped
1 cup celery (greens included- this is a great place to use those!)
1/4 c butter
1 tsp chopped garlic
4 tbsp flour
2 cans chicken broth
2 cans potato
1 c milk
1/2 tsp bacon salt
1/4 tsp red pepper flake
1/2 tsp bacon salt
1/2 c shrimp, peeled and deveined 
1/2 crab meat
1 c corn
1 tsp steak sauce

Put a large heavy bottomed pot over medium high heat.   Melt the butter.  Add the garlic.  Let it cook a minute. 
Add the celery onion and green pepper.  (I use this combination in almost everything!)  Saute that for 3 minutes.

Add flour.  Stir it in and let it cook for 3 minutes. 

Add the chicken broth and the potatoes.

Add milk.

Let's take a minute and talk about bacon salt.  You need this stuff.  It tastes like you used bacon, without all the fat.  It's good stuff. 

Okay, now add the bacon salt and the red pepper flake.   Let that get all happy for 5 minutes.

Add the shrimp, crab and corn.  Cook until it's warmed through, 3-4 minutes.

Add the steak sauce.  I know it sounds weird, but it's okay.  I promise.  My whole family agrees.  Just do it.

Serve each other.  Be suprised.  And enjoy!


  1. Once again, this sounds and looks so yummmy. I dont do seafood but I learned about bacon salt. Where do u get that? Also, I love the replacement of steak sauce! bravo, Steph!

  2. Right in the spice aisle at Meijer.

  3. Sounds yummy---wish I would have read this post before I just grocery shopped for the next two weeks :(
    Question: do you need to cook the shrimp/crab first???

  4. It was so yummy, even the picky one ate it!
    I used cooked shrimp. But you could use the raw and just cook it longer at that step. We used imitation crab.