Monday, July 25, 2011

Our tiny garden... Pea pods

We have the tiniest of gardens.  Seriously, a few pea plants, one tomato plant and some herbs.  It's small because my moms house has the biggest garden ever.  It's expanded as my brothers and I have moved out.  I think it's my step dads way of continuing to provide for us.  And I am grateful.

I did pea plants this year basically as a cover for our dogs "undesireable" part of the yard to be covered.  And it's worked well.  Plus.  We have peas!

This is what I've done with the pea pods.  It's simple, it's yummy and the boys eat them.

1 tbsp olive oil
pea pods
salt and pepper

In a small pan, saute the peas in olive oil.

Salt and pepper when they are begining to get a little color on them.



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