Saturday, July 23, 2011

I coffee... Caramel coffee cooler

I LOVE a good cup of coffee.  It's who I am. 

This summer, I've discovered the joys of iced coffee.

There's a couple of ways to do basic iced coffee, neither is better than the other.  They both work, so pick whichever works best for you.

1. Make your coffee in the morning, and make enough for an extra cup.  Before you're wash out the coffee pot, put the extra in a cup in the fridge for later.

2. Make your coffee double strength.  So if you usually use one TBSP of coffee for 2 cups of water, use 2 TBSP for 2 cups.   And then pour it directly over ice.  The ice will melt, cooling the coffee and giving your regular strength cold coffee.

And then you can really jazz it up and make a caramel coffee cooler.  Because it's the cool thing to do.

1 c cold coffee
12/-1 oz caramel syrup (I use davinci, but torani is good too.  You can find different brands at Target, walmart, meijer and sams)
1/2-1 oz half and half

Fill glass with ice.

Pour caramel syrup in glass.

Add coffee.  Stir.

Add half and half. Marvel at how pretty it looks.  Then stir.


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