Monday, April 4, 2011

Everybody's different... Pita pizzas

My boys are so different.  One gets nervous easily, one is brave.  One is careful, one will just walk into the street if we don't watch him.  One loves to read, the other could play all day and never look at a book.

But they both like pizza.

Duh.  Who doesn't?

So we make individual pizzas.  And it works. 

One gets all the veggies, and one has just ham. 

But I love them both.


Pita bread- I make my own, but feel free to use store bought.  (I would if I remembered to buy it!)
Ham (or sausage, or pepperoni)
Mozzerella cheese
Feta cheese
Caramelized onions
Green pepper (cooked off just a bit)
Spinach (lightly cooked in oil)
Red Pesto sauce or pizza sauce
Any other toppings you'd like

Set the oven to broil.

Put the pita bread in the oven to warm, 2 minutes.

Take it out and spread 1 TBSP of pesto or pizza sauce on the pita.

Add the toppings of your choice.

Add the cheese.

Broil for 3 minutes or until the cheese is bubbbly.



  1. how sweet <3 the pizzas and your sons. they are sooo cute.

  2. that is one of our favorite meals!! Had them last night in fact, only I didn't have any pitas so I made whole wheat pizza crust, rolled it out and traced a bowl to make individual pizzas--so yummy!!!