Thursday, July 30, 2015

Summer dinners... Chicken avocado bruschetta

Beach days are my favorite... And when I'm gone all day I need to have something on the menu that I will want to eat for dinner.  Something I'm not too lazy to make.  This qualifies. 

Simple chicken avocado bruschetta. 

Simply salt and pepper and grill chicken breasts. 

Mash avocado with salt and pepper. 

Swirl this goodness on top. 

Toast some bread and yum.  So good! 

Loaf crusty bread 
Grilled chicken breast
Fresh mozzarella cheese, sliced
Red pepper bruschetta (or any other kind you like) in a jar
Balsamic glaze. 

Toast the bread. 
Smash the avocado with salt and pepper and smear the bread. 
Add the bruschetta in a light layer.
Place the chicken on the pile.
Add the mozzarella cheese.
Swirl the balsamic glaze on top. 

Fold the top piece of bread on it, and try to fit it in your mouth. 


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