Monday, July 23, 2012

Summertime favorites

I grew up not being a big fan of vegetables.  While I love my mom dearly, I think the veggies we ate growing up were very much the same.  Not a whole lot of variety, boiled and buttered and salted.  She worked hard to help provide for us, so I'm not blaming.  Just saying.  I never really enjoyed them.

Now my step dad has an amazing garden.  And we eat alot of veggies when they come out.  We freeze them, we eat them... we just use them any way we can.

Right now it's squash season.  The zucchini has dried up on the vine, but the yellow summer squash is coming in like crazy.  As well as the green peppers, the purple onions (my favorite) and cucumbers.  

And I have found that squash makes a great addition to alot of things.  Last week we even ate it in chicken burritos.  But this recipe is my favorite.  It's summertime hash.

Summertime Hash
1 onion, chopped
1 green pepper, diced
1 clove garlic
salt and pepper
6 small yellow potatoes, diced
1/4 cup water 
2 medium summer squash, diced
3 TBSP fresh parsley
1 TBSP fresh rosemary

Saute the onions, peppers and garlic in oil (I've been using grapeseed oil. ) in a big pan.  Let it cook 3 minutes.  Season with salt and pepper.

Add potatoes and water and cook for 5 minutes until potatoes are fork tender.

Add the summer squash and more water if necessary. Cook 3-5 minutes

Add parsley and rosemary.

I serve this with a fried egg on top, and a small bit of steak either on top or on the side. 


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