Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Here's what we've been doing... or how to freeze tomatoes

My husband called today.  I missed the phone call.  I called him back and told him I was up to my elbows in tomatoes.

It's been a common occurance here.  I think we've frozen 25 quarts of tomatoes this year.  I don't can, I freeze,   I have a big freezer and honestly, canning scares me.

It's simple really.

  Boil a big pot of water, throw the tomatoes in for just a minute. 

Peel and dice and put them in freezer bags. 

Until your freezer is full.  Because mine is.  I can hardly shut it if everything isn't perfectly in there.  But it makes me happy.

I love the idea of using all of the corn, tomatoes, green beans and green peppers that we've frozen this summer. 

Green peppers are simple too.... just cut them, take out the seeds and ribs, dice them and freeze them.

But don't comfuse them with these!!!

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